Modern Islamic Boarding School of Al Rifa’ie 2 (boys and girls) is raised by Dr. KH. Achmad Muflih Zamachsyari, SE., MM. and Dr. Ny. Hj. Luluk Zahrotul Maulidiyah, M.Pd.
Modern Islamic Boarding School of Al Rifa’ie 2 is an educational institution creates an integrated education; formal education and islamic education, and also orientates in future education.


Forming student who mastered faith and piety, science and technology, entrepreneurship-minded, and global insight.


  • Creating religious student and noble student; based on The Holy Quran, Hadis, and authority books of ulama.
  • Equipping student with knowledges, technologies, and foreign languages to develop life as individual, family, society, and state.
  • Providing representative and technology based learning facilities.
  • Suppling student with entrepreneurship knowledge for facing future.
  • Equipping student with working practice in the industry world.